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Sinds begin 2023 lees ik vrijwel alleen nog Engelstalige boeken in het fantasy-genre. Een van de gevolgen daarvan is dat ik geen geschreven leeservaringen meer maak. In plaats daarvan documenteer ik mijn ervaringen als lezer in videovorm. Hiertoe heb ik een YouTube-kanaal opgericht: @DutchGreyBeard.  Op dat kanaal doe ik verslag van mijn reis in het genre van de fantasy. Het archief van mijn geschreven leeservaringen blijft beschikbaar op deze website. Nieuwe content bestaat uit verwijzingen naar mijn video's op YouTube.


Since the beginning of 2023, I have almost exclusively read English-language books in the fantasy genre. One of the consequences of this is that I no longer create written reading experiences. Instead, I document my experiences as a reader in video form. To this end I have set up a YouTube channel: @DutchGreyBeard. On that channel I tell people about my journey into the fantasy genre. The archive of my written reading experiences remains available on this website. New content consists of references to my videos on YouTube.

What's happening on @DutchGreyBeard?

Duncton Quest - William Horwood, Listening Experience


March 25


Duncton Quest is the second book in The Duncton Chronicles, a trilogy by the Brittish writer William Horwood. 


I listened to this on  audio (the second audiobook ever for me) and in this video I give a couple of (spoiler-free) previews of the narration, which stand out for me.

Read-What-You-Own Challenge


March 21


Inspired by Olly from  @CriminOllyBlog  I decided to have my own Read-What-You-Own Challenge. It is time to make a serious attempt at kicking my book buying addiction. 


BOOK HAUL: Will I Ever Learn?


March 17


Another book haul in which I have to admit that I bought more books than ever: 55 books in 43 days. Some science fiction, a few non-fiction, but mainly... fantasy. 


0:00 Introduction

3:47 Non-fantasy

5:42 Fantasy

7:47 Children's books

8:52 More fantasy


Towers of Midnight, Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson - Reading Experience


March 13


How did I fare reading the penultimate book in the enormous series The Wheel of Time: Towers of Midnight? 

Duncton Wood, William Horwood - Listening Experience


March 9



Duncton Wood by William Horwood is 'a first' for me in many regards. 

It was the first book, back in 1981, that truly drew me into reading. 

It was the first book I read in English, a couple of years later. 

And now it is the first book I listened to on Audio. So instead of a reading experience, this is my very first listening experience. 


On the Side: A Glimpse Into the Other Realm (Anita Moorjani)


March 7


Episode 2 of 'On the Side', where I talk about non-fantasy books. 

This episode is an introduction to two of the books by Anita Moorjani. In her first book, 'Dying to be me', she relates about her near-death-experience and her miraculous recovery from terminal cancer. 

Her story makes one think about life and the 'other realm' after it, if there is such a thing of course.

The Colour Of Magic, Terry Pratchett - Reading Experience


March 3


After having read three of the novels in Terry Pratchett's Discworld, I now commit myself to reading this huge series in its publication order. Starting with The Colour of Magic.

Dragonflight, Anne McCaffrey - Reading Experience


Feb 29


This is my reading experience of Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey, the first book in the Dragonriders of Pern series.


Reading order Dragonriders of Pern

Why do readers personify characters with the author?


Feb 25


Watching booktubers, I occasionally stumble upon phrases that intrigue me. That happened the other day when I watched this video ( by


I highly respect her content, but this one inspired me to go into this question why some readers personify one or more characters with the author. 


This video is purely meant to be food for discussion, and not to convince anyone of my take on this subject.



The Gathering Storm (The Wheel of Time, 12), Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson - Reading Experience


Feb 22



I am nearing the end of reading The Wheel of Time. This took me more than a year. Yet in all that time I did only one dedicated video on this amazing series. Which is kind of strange, as this is the series that got me back into reading fantasy. So, it’s about time I give The Wheel of Time more attention. I’ll be reviewing the final three books in the series separately, starting today with The Gathering Storm.

My Worst Nightmare!


Feb 17


Recently I was peacefully minding my own business, which in my case means, reading a good book, until something absolutely awful happened. Something you do not wish to happen to any reader, especially not yourself.

43 Days of Reading


Feb 14


This is my 3rd episode of 'X Days of Reading', covering the 43 days between December 27 and February 8.


The books are: The Wee Free Men - Terry Pratchett / The Last Unicorn - Peter S. Beagle / A Hat Full of Sky - Terry Pratchett / Assassin's Quest - Robin Hobb / What If This Is Heaven? - Anita Moorjani  / Biography Etty Hillesum - Judith Koelemeijer / The Gathering Storm - Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson / Dragonflight - Anne McCaffrey

The Farseer Trilogy - Robin Hobb


Feb 10


In this video I share my reading experience of the first trilogy in Robin Hobb's Realm of the Elderlings: The Farseer Trilogy.

My New Background


Feb 7


Lots of books passing by in this short video, but I don't speak about their content. This is just a brief glimpse behind the scenes, about me creating a nice background for my video's. 


And... rare footage of me doing physical labor. 

1 Year Into My Fantasy Journey


Feb 5


Every 4 months I look back on my journey into the genre of Fantasy. Started on January 13 2023 untill February 1st 2024 I can recap my first year of experiencing this amazing genre of books. 


This is my third update on this journey.



Upon reaching 1000 subs!


Feb 1


When I started this channel, I had no idea what to expect. Now, a little over 9 months in, the magical threshold of 1.000 subscribers has been crossed. A brief thank you to all who have made this happen!